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Climbing Wall Extreme
Climbing Wall Extreme

B.Voc in Adventure Sports

B. Voc. in Adventure Sports program provides an interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of Adventure Sports (land/ water/ aero), by integrating management, design, technical and safety aspects of it. With the completion of 3 years the student will not only gain proficiency in planning, designing and organising various Extreme Sports projects and events but also will have adequate technical skills to innovate at grass root levels.

Career Prospects after B.Voc

After completing B. Voc. in Adventure Sports the career opportunities available are sports Facilitator, sports Entrepreneur, outbound training facilitator, Adventure Tourism Facilitator, Adventure camp counsellor, Extreme Sports Specialist, water sports Specialist, Land Sports Specialist, Aero Sports Specialist, Adventure tour Instructor/ Guide, Sports Consultant, Sports Designer and Sports Manager.

Divers Training in Pool

Eligibility for Admission :
The eligibility for admission to B. Voc. in Adventure Sports shall be 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream.

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