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Project Krīdā ( inspired by the Sanskrit name for Sports) aims to work towards and align with the vision and mission of national youth & family empowerment. Our prime focus is on preservation and promotion of traditional and indigenous sports & culture elements in creative and innovative ways. Sports and games at Krīdā will be a means to entertainingly convey values of solidarity, diversity, fair-play, inclusion, and cultural awareness.. History had witnessed how cultural diversity fosters mutual understanding and tolerance among communities and nations. However, globalisation, migration, demographic and societal changes in life style are some factors today contributing to an inactive, socially distant, digital and unhealthy trend of life. Our country used to be rich with several traditional and indigenous sports and cultural activities which had contributed to logical thinking, mathematical and analytical skills and civic education apart from general health and fitness. Much needed skill sets for our generation but unfortunately the goodness of those valuable traditional activities have disappeared and those that survive, face imminent disappearance. 

In safeguarding intangible cultural heritage Krīdā intends to play major role in assessing and identifying the heritage at the regional, national and even international levels so as to raise awareness and to create and renew interests in such heritages, bringing new light to what should be an active, ever-changing form of living heritage. 

To creatively engage young people and families with the traditional cultures and games, Krīdā aspires to collaborate among local communities, government, national and international institutions and like minded stakeholders ensuring sharing and imbibing our intangible sports & cultural heritage to the world. 

Exercise Entertainment Evolution Education Empowerment Engagement Employment Environmental Eco friendly 

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Our Programme

Cultural Heritage

B.VOC Programme

The mission of this B Voc. program is to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of visuality and its applications to the five domains of Intangible Cultural Heritage (as prescribed by the UNESCO). Beyond a sole understanding / application of the digital fields themselves, we also seek to bring in its integration with a creative output that will support various cultural institutions/stakeholders in the process of conservation and promotion of elements of cultural Heritage through the diversified building blocks of our curriculum

Aboriginal Culture Show

Cultural Heritage


For those who believe in preservation of Culture!!! A well-constructed programme from a reputed university.

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