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Conceptualised and headed by a dynamic team under the leadership of a sport loving Women Entrepreneur. The project promoters are primarily educationists, owning and running higher educational institutions and various skill development activities since 1998 based in Kerala. The concept of Krīdā was born from our years of observance and realisation of how our system of education and work life have made us stress more on mental development and have completely ignored the importance of physical engagements in life. Outcome of this is we end up nurturing a mass of graduates and professionals who not just have weak bodies and poor physique but also a dull mind. As the saying in English goes, “All work and no Play makes Jack a Dull boy”. It has been forgotten that sports engagements complement the overall personality of human being and improves his/her skills to a great extent. Qualities like leadership, sharing, team spirit and tolerance are well learnt from sporting & gaming experiences. Sport engagements and education not only helps us to maintain the physical stamina, but also inculcates civic sense, obedience, discipline, confidence, willpower, power of reasoning, overall a mental development and wellbeing for everyone. 

The promoters are therefore all the more ambitious to make use of surfeit land and assets under their capacity near the educational institution for this greater purpose so that it sportingly caters to the societal and national wellness.
Ernakulam has most of the state’s educational institutions and business centres. Allocating this particular location situated at the business capital of Kerala to develop such a unique Gaming and Sporting Arena will not only encourage the budding young minds in the close vicinity to engage themselves in the most productive ways but will also be a lively and happening centre of attraction for families, community, corporates. Top if it all this project will be first of kind unique sports tourism attraction in India.


Our Programme

Adventure Sports

B.VOC Programme

B. Voc. in Adventure Sports program provides an interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of Adventure Sports (land/ water/ aero), by integrating management, design, technical and safety aspects of it. With the completion of 3 years the student will not only gain proficiency in planning, designing and organising various Extreme Sports projects and events but also will have adequate technical skills to innovate at grass root levels.

Climbing Wall Extreme

Adventure Sports


Not for the soft hearted!!! A well-constructed programme from a reputed university.

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