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Isn't every Individual unique..?....In abilities, in beliefs, in skills, in interests, in aspirations, in learning styles, in pace every thing.... Isn't it high time we look beyond mass education system and monotonous choice of career options as a solution to the ever growing unemployablity issues? Education reformations and policies still focus on bringing in ready-made solutions ..when the problems are more individualistic here... Witnessing the failure of it all first hand and keeping mum is not only frustrating, its just making the educationist in me feel worthless. Hence the Birth of HindMade..... My little venture that ensures a more practical, professional, structured and tested approach to help identify and build on the unique potentials in each one of us, to explore and try and bring the best out of each one of us. To make individual developmental programs affordable and accessible to the majority, to the 93% here !!!!!!

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