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  • HindMade emerges as a partnership firm with a team of experts who put forward the organisation as a total skill solution provider to various sectors of the society.

  • With more than 3 decades of experience and an un matchable expertness in education and training sector, we offer demand based, customised solutions to Industries, Enterprises, Educational institutions, schools, colleges and individuals

  • The focus is differentiated mainly into skill diagnostics, skill consulting, soft skill training, technical skill training.

  • We also take CSR seriously, as we understand the need of bridging the skill gaps not only in profitable and attractive  sectors. We work for an inclusive growth in the society irrespective of social/ economic/ ethnic variations.


  • HindMade was established as a registered partnership firm by a couple of renowned young, dynamic and experienced educational entrepreneurs with unlatching international level exposure in the field of education and training. 

  • Daughter company under R. K Foundations the umbrella banner founded by renowned Educationist Dr. P.R. Radhakrishnan in 1980s.

  • The structure of the Organisation ensures superior decision making with autonomy, stature and continuity. 

  • The team consists of Director Board Members,  Sub Committees and Executive Council

  • Each has a well defined role in operations, activities, and strategy to build the organisation as a high quality skill development unit with enhanced flexibility and effectiveness.

  • HindMade is established keeping in view the growing skill gaps and its challenges in various sectors.

  • Hindmade envisions to work with various stakeholders and sectors across the country in an errand mode to fulfil the desperate need of  world class competent skill solutions essential for the prospects of our growing economy, especially keeping the vast majority of young untapped population in focus.

  • Offer upgraded and world class skill training and consultations in a customised and demand based mode of operation

  • Intensify the scale of skill development activities through various appropriate partnerships 

  • Strive for a significant upscale in the skill proficiency at various levels and contribute significantly to overall mission of skilling and up-skilling targets in the country.

Mission & Vision


The people behind HindMade:


Late. Dr. P.R. Radhakrishnan

Our inspiration and pride.

R. K Foundations, is the parent company of Hindmade Education services. Our beloved founder had more than three decades of experience to his credits in his lifetime.


He was an ingenious educationist and a well acknowledged social personality who have influenced lifes of thousands of us and have inspired many educationists across the country to imbibe and impart true education. 

He taught us to ensure that our every act contributed towards rejuvinating and re-building  a glorious & skillfull India.

Reshma Krishnan
CEO, Managing Partner

Face of the Company.

CEO of R. K Foundations and Managing Partner of Hindmade Education Services, she has more than a decade of grounding in the field of Education Enterprises.


With her commanding presence, vast learning and deep insight, she leads the entire team towards the goal. A role model for many youngsters, she is a colossus of strength, courage, confidence.

She encourages us to give back to the Nation and to generate and awaken as many young talents as possible across and beyond the motherland.

Manesh Krishnan
COO, Managing Partner

Soul of the Company.

COO of R. K Foundations and Managing Partner of Hindmade Education Services, he is what we call the back bone of the empire. With an unshakeable commitment he is a man of perfection and planning.

The youngest board member is responsible for the daily operations of the organisations and is well known for his spirit of Philanthropy.

He exhorts everyone of us to strive hard, innovate, and utilize all their talents towards universal success. This is beyond intellect, and reaches to what we call a motivating force.

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