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Skill Training

Training Solutions fitting your needs

Employability Skills

All stakeholders in the Indian economy — from workers themselves to companies and communities populated by high numbers of jobless youth — can benefit from Hindmade strategic initiatives. Skills development is the number one solution needed to eradicate the skills gap in India.

The employment landscape is undergoing significant change. Rapid technological advancements are seeing the more traditional industries (like manufacturing) contract. This changing economic landscape has meant that many people, particularly young Indians, do not possess the skills and knowledge required for in-demand careers. As a result, our economy is suffering from a skills gap, with businesses struggling to find employees with the skills to match their needs.

Recent employment statistics reflect the urgency, and growing problem, of this skills gap. 80-90% of the graduates across various disciplines are found to be unfit for the job they are aspiring for. These disproportionate statistics impact workers (who remain unemployed for long periods of time), and businesses, which are unable to find the employees that they need to grow their business. That’s why reinventing the Indian mindset around job training has become an inevitable part of our mission.

  • We provide practical support to education providers, employers, governments, and not-for-profit organisations, working collaboratively to address the growing challenge of youth unemployment and the ever-widening skills gap

  • We design and tailor training & apprenticeship programs to suit the needs of business, government, philanthropic organisations and individuals, catering for employee development and business improvement. Our training & apprenticeship solutions enhance skills, increase motivation and profitability within an organisation, and achieve real business benefits. We offer a comprehensive range of apprentice and trainee recruitment services for various sectors. We pre-screen and evaluate candidates to ensure they fit your needs, expectations and culture.

  • Developing effective employee training modules is vital to the long-term success of any business. Our carefully planned, properly implemented training programs provide multiple benefits for both employees and businesses including a clear understanding of policies, job functions, goals and company culture. This ensures employee motivation, morale and productivity. We understand that training is a means to a specific end, so we keep your goals in mind during the development and implementation of your training

10 Essential Job Skills

Administrative Office Procedures

Administrative Support

Anger Management

Appreciative Inquiry

Assertiveness and self -confidence

Attention Management

Being a likeable boss

Body Language Basics

Budgets and Financial Reports

Business Acumen

Business Ethics

Business Etiquette

Business Succession Planning

Business Writing

Call Centre Training

Change Management

Civility in the workplace

Coaching & Mentoring

Collaborative Business

Delivering Constructive Criticism

Developing a Lunch and Learn

Developing Corporate Behaviour

Developing Creativity

Developing New Managers

Digital Citizens

Social Learning

Social Media in Workplace

Stress Management

Supervising others

Supply Chain Management

Talent Management

Team Building for Managers

Teamwork and Team Building

Telephone Etiquette

Telework and Telecommuting

Time Management

Trade Show Staff Training

Train-the -Trainer

Virtual Team Building and Management

Women in Leadership

Work Life Balance

Emotional Intelligence

Employee Motivation

Employee Onboarding

Employee Recognition

Employee Recruitment

Employee Termination Processes


Event Planning

Executive and Personal Assistants

Facilitation Skills

Generation Gaps

Goal Setting and Getting things done

Handling a Difficult Customer

Health and Wellness at Work

High Performance Teams Inside the Company

High Performance Teams Remote Workforce

Hiring Strategies

Human Resource Management


Communication Strategies

Improving mindfulness

Improving Self- Awareness

Increasing your happiness

Internet Marketing Fundamentals

Interpersonal Skills

Job Search Skills

Knowledge Management

Leadership and Influence

Lean Process and Six sigma

Life Coaching Essentials

Manager Management

Managing Workplace Anxiety

Marketing Basics

Measuring Results from Training

Media and Public Relations

Conducting Annual Employee Reviews

Conflict Resolution

Creating a Great Webinar

Creative Problem Solving

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Violence

Negotiation skills

Networking outside the company

Networking within the company

Office politics for Managers

Organisational skills

Overcoming Sales Objections

Performance Management

Personal Branding

Personal Productivity

Presentation Skills

Project Management

Proposal  Writing

Prospecting and Lead Generation

Public Speaking

Risk Assessment and Management

Safety in Workplace

Sales Fundamentals

Social Intelligence

Critical Thinking

Customer Service

Employment Skill Programs

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